Afghanistan, Veterans, and OEF

To my Sisters and Brothers in Arms: I never saw combat, but we are still family. No matter where you fall politically, remember that we served for reasons that are entirely our own. Civilians and politicians will say that you fought for the military industrial complex, for American imperialism, for oil, for poppy seeds, for…

About Spirit Tribe, Inc., Native Noise Festival, and Copyright Infringement

2019-08-05, Copyright Infringement, Feliciano vs Spirit Tribe, Inc.

In December 2019 a settlement offer was made by Spirit Tribe. It was signed by me, and quickly returned to my attorney in early January. Currently, we are on hold pending Spirit Tribe's signature and consideration in order to bind the contract.

I Will Never Support Spirit Tribe, Native Noise Festival, or Into the Wild Festival

Spirit Tribe's "Sound Shaman Spotlight" profile graphic for DJ Miah Love as used in a social media post advertising tickets for Native Noise Festival at Echo Lake, Afton, New York. This one is posted in Eric Allen's personal profile.

Copyright infringement is one of multiple reasons why I will never support Spirit Tribe, Inc., Native Noise Festival, Into the Wild Festival, or any other events associated with Spirit Tribe.