Are you looking for a portrait, headshot, event, or boudoir photographer with cheap photography prices near Boston, MA?

How about one with crazy expensive rates?

I have some very good news!

I am neither.


Hiring the best photographer for you can be a challenging decision when there are so many excellent photographers to choose from with a wide range of prices for their services in the Boston area!

Here are five simple reasons to hire me as your next photographer:

  1. I AM an on-location portrait, headshot, and event photographer currently based around Boston, Massachusetts.
  2. I SPECIALIZE in portraits and headshots; boudoir photography; rave, festival, concert, nightlife, and other event coverage; model portfolio and branding; social media; and newspaper/media.
  3. I EDIT photos one at a time. They are not batch-edited through an assembly line of the same presets that many other photographers uses. Your images deserve much more personalized attention!
  4. I PRICE my sessions at a flat rate and typically do not charge per-hour. You won’t have to worry about how long a session takes so that we can shoot for as long as necessary in order to get the best photos possible.
  5. I PROMISE that your images will be unique, individually edited, and delivered to you as quickly as possible. In most cases, they’re delivered electronically within 24-48 hours after the photo shoot.


Soooooooo, if you’re looking for a creative portrait, boudoir, or nightlife event photographer around Boston, Massachusetts with the right balance of:

  • a warm and friendly personality,
  • a very firm grasp of camera technique,
  • the empathy to help bring out your best,
  • the skill to shoot under nearly any condition,
  • the confidence to charge a very fair price, and
  • the integrity to avoid any pricing “investment” games

Then please shoot me a message and let’s chat!