Are you looking for a crazy expensive portrait, headshot, event, or boudoir photographer near Boston, MA?

What about a super cheap photographer?

I have some very good news!

I am neither.


Here are five simple reasons to hire me as your next photographer:

  1. I AM an on-location portrait, headshot, and event photographer currently based around Boston, Massachusetts.
  2. I SPECIALIZE in portraits and headshots; boudoir photography; rave, festival, concert, nightlife, and other event coverage; model portfolio and branding; social media; and newspaper/media.
  3. I EDIT photos one at a time. They are not batch-edited through an assembly line of the same presets that many other photographers use. Your images deserve much more personalized attention!
  4. I PRICE my sessions at a flat rate and typically do not charge per-hour. You won’t have to worry about how long a session takes so that we can shoot for as long as necessary in order to get the best photos possible.
  5. I PROMISE that your images will be unique, individually edited, and delivered to you as quickly as possible. In most cases, they’re delivered electronically within 24-48 hours after the photo shoot.


Photography pricing can range between $150 to $2400, or more, depending on a variety of factors.

All session fees includes up to 100 miles of travel and two of your favorite images.

young raver girl with hair falls in pig tails and orange colored contact lenses in front of a blue backdrop - copyright adrian feliciano, all rights reserved - schedule a head shot photography session at

Boston, MA Headshot Photography Rates

$ 300 .00

Session Fee

Headshots are perfect for your social media accounts, dating websites, professional profiles, personal branding, or your business website! I will normally photograph you above-the-chest in front of a simple white or black background with neutral lighting. This is a classic look.

young raver girl with hair falls in pig tails and orange colored contact lenses in front of a blue backdrop - copyright adrian feliciano, all rights reserved - schedule a head shot photography session at

Boston, MA Portrait Photography Rates

$ 600 .00

Session Fee

We can get as creative with lighting, wardrobe, and location as you like and outdoor street portrait sessions are always a fun option. This is where hard-light, strong shadows, and bold color can really help to create photos with stunning visual impact.

young raver girl with hair falls in pig tails and orange colored contact lenses in front of a blue backdrop - copyright adrian feliciano, all rights reserved - schedule a head shot photography session at

Boston, MA Boudoir Photography Rates

$ 600 .00

Session Fee

This session is all about you and your comfort. It is not a nude photography session, unless you wish it to be. Instead, it is a sensual portrait photography experience where we create, explore, and tease via shape, posing, light, shadow, color, texture, and expression.

young raver girl with hair falls in pig tails and orange colored contact lenses in front of a blue backdrop - copyright adrian feliciano, all rights reserved - schedule a head shot photography session at

Boston, MA Fire Perfomer Photography Rates

$ 700 .00

Session Fee

Photographing flow artists and fire performers is my specialty! The use of fire during a portrait session increases risk substantially and will require additional resources, assistants, trained fire safeties, and relevant equipment.

I strongly recommended that you contact me directly so we can discuss important safety details.


Nightlife Event, Rave, Concert, and Party Photography Rates

Prices start at:

  • Up to 3 hours – $150
  • Up to 6 hours – $300

Festivals and Corporate Event Rates

Prices start at:

  • One Day – $1,200 (up to 8 hours)
  • Fri-Sat – $2,400 (up to 8 hours each day)
  • Longer – $We $Need $To $Talk

My background is in photojournalism. That experience translates into my obsessive focus to honestly document the events I photograph for with the realism and the creativity they deserve.

The best images from your event are selected by me to tell the story of your event and are posted on social media within 24-48 hours after the event ends. Each photo is posted with captions and tags that help generate excitement and encourage sharing among attendees, and help keep your name circulating online to promote future events.

High resolution images of your event are also available to be licensed for promotional use. Please contact me directly to discuss details.


Yes. I am a portrait, event, and boudoir photographer based around Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Less than 100 miles of travel – Travel is already included
  • More than 100 miles of travel – $100 per hour of travel

Although I am located near the city of Boston, I do travel. A lot. Sometimes for fun. Travel fees are, therefore, always based on my point of origin. I may happen to be closer to you than Boston, on the day of photography, and it’s best to send me a message with your location and requested date and time so I can coordinate my travels, as necessary, to help save you some money.

I have partnered with photography clients in CT, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, and RI.

For the right projects, I can travel farther if needed.


Some other costs to consider are:

  • Licensing and Usage (Including full rights buy-out)
  • Location / Permit / Legal / Insurance Fees
  • Flight / Train / Bus tickets
  • Photographic Prints
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Commercial Use
  • Post Production
  • Media Delivery
  • Administrative
  • Creative Fees
  • Assistant(s)
  • Wardrobe
  • Make up
  • Hair
  • Etc, etc, etc…

Every photography project has different needs! Depending on the complexity of your photo shoot, a variety of factors may apply which we will discuss ahead of time and agree to in writing.

No surprises, ever.

I promise.


Scheduling a photo shoot is pretty straight forward.

First step is to send me a message or find me on social media, both can be found on my contact page.

Here are the next steps:

  • We begin by brainstorming ideas together.
  • After going over details of your shoot, and only if we both feel comfortable moving forward, I will send you a contract outlining what we discussed.
  • To schedule and confirm the time and date(s) for your shoot, and to legally bind the contract, a non-refundable initial payment is required.
  • The initial payment is equal to approximately 50% of the estimated budget and it will be applied to your final invoice.

Rest assured, I’m here to help you feel comfortable and excited about our shoot. It will be fun! You are always welcome to reach out to me at any time with any ideas you may already have in mind. Putting together a Pinterest pin-board is a wonderful way to brainstorm ideas! If you don’t have anything concrete in mind, that is okay, too.

Fully informed consent and setting expectations early on is my top priority. The time it takes to work out an understanding of what is expected from both sides, the scope of your photo shoot, and to give a reasonably accurate estimate of rates, travel, and any other potential costs prior to any formal agreement by contract may seem daunting; however, I promise that it’s always worth the effort.

Please note: No vendors or assistants will be confirmed, no dates will be scheduled, and neither of us is obligated to the other until an initial payment is made and a contract is signed. Your time is valuable. So is mine.


Every photo shoot is different but they all share some similarities.

I work on-location, which means I travel to wherever we agree. In most cases, I do not charge a set-up fee or charge for different looks. This helps to keep my cost to you lower since I do not have the overhead of a studio and allows us maximum flexibility to pick suitable locations that are comfortable, familiar, or better connected to you personally or to your brand. By not charging extra fees for set-up or different looks, we can keep options open for greater creativity in terms of wardrobe and looks.

I strongly recommended that you are ready to go for our session with your hair and makeup done and that you have a couple of wardrobe changes with you for different looks. It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Sessions last as long as they need to, but you can expect an average of about 2-3 hours from start to finish. There will be no rush, no pressure, and no set time demands placed on you.

We’ll review images together during our shoot because it is important to involve you in the creative process as much as possible. At the end of the shoot, we’ll have a final review and you may select your two favorite images, for free, at that time. You may also purchase additional images at $75 each.

All images you select will include light retouching on top of normal contrast and color corrections and will usually be licensing for personal use so that you can print images at your own lab of choice or post them on your social media. On average, you can expect to receive your images electronically within about 48 hours after the session ends.


Soooooooo, if you’re looking for a fun portrait, boudoir, or nightlife event photographer near Boston, MA with the right balance of:

  • a warm and friendly personality,
  • a very firm grasp of camera technique,
  • the empathy to help bring out your best,
  • the skill to shoot under nearly any condition,
  • the confidence to charge a very fair price, and
  • the integrity to avoid any pricing “investment” games

Then contact me and let’s get started!


  1. Why should I hire you as my next photographer?

    I take immense pride in my photography, unique photo style, and quickly delivering images to you at a very fair price.

  2. What are your photography rates and services?

    I specialize in on-location portrait, headshot, and boudoir photography and my per-individual session fees can range from $300 to $700 or more.

  3. What are your other photography rates and services?

    I also photograph raves, festivals, parties, and other nightlife or corporate events. Rates can range from $150 to $2400 or more. Depends on how long your event coverage requires.

  4. Do you charge for travel?

    If you’re within 100 miles from my point of origin, nope! Travel is already included. If you’re more than 100 miles from my point of origin, yes.

  5. What are some other costs I should consider and budget for?

    Depending on what you’re looking for, it makes sense to discuss things like creative fees, assistants, safeties, licensing, permits, equipment rentals, etc.

  6. How do I schedule a photo shoot with you?

    Fill out my contact form with as much information as you have available, I contact you in return to discuss what you want to accomplish, we agree on details, I send you a contract and other relevant docs, you pay my initial fee, and we book the date and time. Pretty straight-forward.

  7. What can I expect during a photo shoot and afterward?

    Honestly, every photo shoot is different, but there are some things to expect that are common to each one. Most importantly is that we have fun! During and especially after, we’ll review photos, you’ll select the ones that you really like, and then I’ll edit them and deliver them to you, typically within 48 hours after our session ends, licensed for use as we agreed to in our contract.

  8. How many photos do I get?

    For individual sessions, you get two (2) images included in the session fee. Each image after that is $75 per image. This way, the total price is controlled by you and I am not buried by unnecessary selecting and editing. Photos are delivered via DropBox or other similar online-storage app.

  9. What about event photography?

    Because my background is rooted firmly in photojournalism, I’ll typically select, edit, and post photos to Social Media at my full discretion in order to give the best depiction of your event and tell its story within about 2-5 days after I depart from the event. Each photo posted will have full details, links, tags where possible, and other relevant event information that you can then share. Pick your favorite two and you’ll get them unwatermarked and in high-resolution, licensed for print and promotional use. If you want more, they’re priced at $75 each.