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Headshots are created for multiple purposes, such as professional profile images on social media accounts, images used on online dating profiles, the “about us page” of a business website, and as promotional pictures of actors, models, artists, and authors and are intended to depict someone as they are now, rather than trying to create a timeless portrait.


Good event photography incorporates the techniques of photojournalism to tell the story of an event. While any particular event may not be “newsworthy” for the external world, it most definitely is important to the attendees and hosts! An experienced event photographer is aware of this difference and documents the guests and the occasion they’ve been hired for in a creative and honest manner.

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Portrait photography is a classic style that is intended to capture the personality of a person, or a group of people, by effectively using lighting, color, shadow, poses, and costuming. Portraits are often commissioned for special occasions, or to commemorate an individual. They can be strictly for personal use or can be commissioned for commercial purposes.


Boudoir photography is a sensual and romantic portrait style, depicting individual(s) in an intimate setting that ranges from a photography studio, bedroom, private dressing room, or even a hotel room and is intended for the client’s personal enjoyment — and sometimes their romantic partners as well! Compelling boudoir imagery is highly suggestive, rather than explicit, and teases more than it reveals.

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My photography style combines a photographer’s eye with a photojournalist’s ethics; therefore, I will never try to hide you behind unrealistic digital manipulation. Even if a photo involves the bending time and space, the effects will be done in-camera and always with the intention of depicting The Truth™.