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red haired woman wearing headphones behind dj mixing equipment copyright adrian feliciano boston massachusetts

My photography from “Manifest Entertainment and The Reliquarium Present: Duality” was featured online in a review written by Christopher Gallagher!

“Sometimes, the people working on an event have a deep sense that what is being prepared, though it looks a certain way from a certain perspective, is way more than a party. The Reliquarium are these people; an artist collective founded by Ivy Ross, Logan Cole Will, and Justin Jannone and populated by a wide array of supremely talented artists, sculptors, designers, fabricators, projectors, and other assorted creators has spent the years since their 2015 founding carrying their vision—a singularly enlightening view of the world rooted the group’s deep reverence for life and death and the natural cycles which accompany it—to every corner of the nation”

Christopher Gallagher for
Kaminanda on stage at “Manifest Entertainment and The Reliquarium Present Duality.”
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