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OpenPGP Information

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I am using this blog post to collect a variety of thoughts and links as I go that are related to OpenPGP that would be useful to know. It is not intended to be a “how to use OpenPGP guide” and assumes at least a passing familiarity with or a willingness to learn about it and is part of a collection of information that gives a broad overview of different security tools available to the public.


Something to consider is that by using other applications to make PGP integrate with desktop email clients is that those tools may be vulnerable and have bugs. For me, on MacOS, it is simple: Pull up a text-editor, write out whatever I want to write out, select-all, right-click/two finger-tap, select “services” and then choose the OpenPGP function you’re looking for (encrypt, decrypt, digitally sign, etc). Select the resulting gibberish that is generated, copy, paste into your email, messenger, blog post, or whatever.

The same method can be used to encrypt files from the Finder. Two-finger tap/right click on the file, select services in the pop up menu, etc.

This way, as a means to disseminate information to specific people — and only to those specific people — an OpenPGP blob can be posted as a plain-text blog post, decrypted by whomever has the appropriate decryption keys. Think of it like a digital dead-drop to get a message or a file out there. You can also use OpenPGP to drop an encrypted message to any contact form — some investigative journalists use this method to receive confidential information from protected sources.

If you’re really concerned about leaving digital traces of the original plain text on your PC or Mac, consider using it from within TAILS, an operating system that leaves no trace behind when used correctly.

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