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Fractaltribe, The Reliquarium, and Fractalfest

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Fractaltribe And The Reliquarium Team Up For a Combined Fractalfest Art Project

LINCOLN, RHODE ISLANDFractaltribe and The Reliquarium teamed up to produce one of the most ambitious stage designs, to date, for Fractalfest Reflections. In this series of photos, Artemis from Fractaltribe and Ivy of The Reliquarium welded metal together to create the wire-frame of the new stage, codenamed: “Megan.”

The heat from welding torches is so hot that it shines into the UV spectrum. Without proper body protection, including sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the light will cause burns similar to sunburns on skin, and a painful injury to the eyes, similar to severe snow-blindness.

Photo Gallery of Fractaltribe’s Artemis and The Reliquarium’s Ivy Welding Metal For Fractalfest

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75357 2017 06 19FractaltribeandTheReliquarium BehindtheScenesforFractalfestReflections064
2df74 2017 06 19FractaltribeandTheReliquarium BehindtheScenesforFractalfestReflections062
5f19c 2017 06 19FractaltribeandTheReliquarium BehindtheScenesforFractalfestReflections070
4861e 2017 06 19FractaltribeandTheReliquarium BehindtheScenesforFractalfestReflections074
3cefd 2017 06 19FractaltribeandTheReliquarium BehindtheScenesforFractalfestReflections078

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