Opening Ceremony at Fractalfest: Reflections

Opening Ceremony at Fractaltribe Presents Fractalfest: Reflections

STEPHENTOWN, NY – Fractaltribe began Fractalfest: Reflections with a Mayan ritual hosted by April Remee and Pedro de la Rosa. Attendees gave thanks to the Elements symbolized by the four Cardinal Points, to the Sun, and to the Earth with a special blessing for healing and for peace to the Waters. As the Ceremony ended, the clouds cleared, and we were greeted by the Waxing Crescent Moon, also welcomed as a guardian over the Festival.

One of our own Fractilians, Tovia (aka Terraphorm) celebrated a surprise birthday spontaneously organized by Fractaltribe, with cake, sparklers, and a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday!”

In all, a perfect opening ceremony to our 5th annual outdoor psytrance festival, and our 3rd in the Fractal Forest. 

Welcome to Fractalfest!

Photo Gallery From Day One of Fractaltribe Presents Fractalfest: Reflections’ Opening Ceremony

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