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Fabrication Day for Fractalfest Reflections

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Fractaltribe Begins Fabricating for Fractalfest: Reflections

2017-04-08, WORCESTER, MA

Preparations for Fractalfest: Reflections, Fractaltribe‘s annual summer psytrance centered festival, became reality on April 8th at the Fractal Factory, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Months of conceptualizing, budgeting, stage and deco design, tool and workspace preparation, and scheduling came to a head on Day #1 at a fever pitch. 

As busy as it became, we still found time to have fun and catch up with each other at the Factory. We even played host to young Liam who had a blast hanging out with us and safely helping whenever he could!

Photo Gallery From Fractalfest Fabrication Day At The Fractal Factory

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