Fire Performer and Flow Artist Photography

How To Photograph Fire Performers and Flow Artists

Fire spinning is a dangerous and beautiful art form. The best fire performer photography depicts the art, and the danger, of fire performance for maximum impact. In my experience, many photographers obsess over finding the perfect camera settings to capture pretty fire textures and siiiiiiiiick fire spinning trails while they unfortunately ignore the human performer who is risking serious injury or death every time they light their props.

As a flow artist photographer, the simplest way you can show any performer at their most primal is to focus your attention, and thus your viewer’s attention, away from the fire and on to the performer where it always belongs.

I’ve put together a growing list of my best photography tips, tricks, and camera settings so you can improve your photography of fire performers and other flow artists. It is my hope that these photography techniques can help you add a new dimension to your photography. My intention is to help you learn to see past the fire itself in order to photograph the soul of the performer by combining the best photography techniques from photojournalism, sports photography in particular, with different elements from portrait photography.

Bonus Fire Performer Photography Tip: The Most Important One!

If you want to create the best photos of fire spinners and other flow artists, then the most important thing you can do is to forget about the fire. Learn how to see the human being behind the pretty flames, instead. I promise that your flow artist photography will improve!

The Most Important Fire Photography Tip

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