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I AM a portrait and event photographer currently based around Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in traveling to different locations in order to produce images for portraits and headshots; boudoir photography; rave, festival, nightlife, and other event coverage; model portfolio and branding; social media; and newspaper/media.

IF YOU have a general inquiry, or even a decent joke to share, please send it to me!

IF YOU are looking to hire me as a photographer, please fill out the contact form with as much information as you can. Ideally, your message answers the six Ws:

  • Who (are you and who are the images for)?
  • What (is the shoot about and what kind of images do you need)?
  • When (do you want to schedule)?
  • Where (are you located)?
  • Why (do you need images — personal, Social Media, business, for someone else, etc)?
  • W’how (about anything else I may need to know)?

FINALLY, if you're a fire performer or a flow artist with a definite budget, safeties lined up, and a general concept in mind, you’ll probably get pushed to the front of the line.