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Arrival at Fractalfest: Reflections

light-mapped mask stage lit up at night at fractalfest 2017 designed and built by fractaltribe and the reliquarium

Fractaltribe’s Adrian and Artemis Arrive for Fractalfest

1409HRS, STEPHENTOWN, NY – I arrived at Fractalfest from Boston last night with Artemis around 11pm after a long drive that took us through Northampton, MA. We needed to stop for a food break and to pick up lat minute supplies for our adopted Porta-Potty. Artemis will be prepping for her two DJ sets: a dark psytrance set, and dark Nordic ambient chill set — I am really excited to hear the dark ambient chill set, at full power as it reminded me of orcs discovering psychedelic electronic music.

From RT 143 we could already see the blue lights of the Puffer Dome/Chill Area on the main field. We topped Nightshade off with gas, and pulled onto property to set our space up.

Once we finished, we started wandering around to see what we could see: first through staff camping, and the artist area, until we reached the main stage where the video mapping display was getting calibrated for use on “Operation: Megan,” the combined project between Fractaltribe and The Reliquarium.

Jaw dropping cannot begin to describe how “Operation: Megan” looked, even in the testing phase! We could see Topher dangling about 25-35 feet above the ground directing others around the stage, while disco balls flashed, and digital facets lit up.

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Festival Packing List

Nightshade, packed and ready for Fractalfest, an annual summer festival hosted by Fractaltribe.

Summer Festival Packing List

(Your mileage may vary)

Summer festival season is upon us. I thought it would be helpful to make a general list of things to bring to a summer festival, or any other appropriate event. Mind you, certain things are very specific to me, but hopefully this festival packing list be considered a starting point for others, and may vary from festival to festival.

  1. Some Form of Shelter – For me, it’s Nightshade, my class B RV, that serves multiple functions and can change day to day. For others, it’s a tent, or an improvised set up in their vehicles.
  2. Clothing – Weather conditions can change suddenly. Warm weather clothing as well as cool weather clothing are crucial. Extra socks and undies (if that is what you wear). Festie-grime IS a stereotype for a reason. Comfortable shoes. Towels. Panchoes, or some form of wet-weather gear.
  3. Food and Water – This goes without saying. I have seen some amazing set ups with complete kitchens, and enjoyed some darned good meals prepared by friends. I like to bring MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) that I pick up from a local military surplus store to go with whatever else I bring.
  4. If you do go with MREs, make sure to bring a fiber-supplement. Trust me.
  5. Coffee or tea. French press, or cold-brew, as needed. Instant, if nothing else.
  6. Propane stove / fuel – Nightshade has her own small galley, others bring some form of propane camp stoves. Mind venue rules. Some are okay with propane stoves but no charcoal grills or open fires are allowed.
  7. Utensils – Knife, Fork, Spoon, Spork, Chopsticks. Whatever. (I travel with all of them)
  8. Soap of some kind – Should be biodegradable and multi purpose. Good for sponge baths, clean up of food, clothing, or shampoo. Camp soap, Dr. Bronner’s, etc.
  9. Toothbrush and toothpaste – Can you imagine three or four days of festival grime on your teeth?..
  10. Menstruation related products – Yes, I am a cis-het male. Yes, I will go to a festival with tampons, pads, baby-wipes, moist towelettes, etc. Someone may need them. Also, if you wear them, period panties can be life changing.
  11. Bug repellant – Expect mosquitoes and ticks to be horrible every year.
  12. Flashlight(s), headlamps, LED lanterns, Chem-Lights/Glow Sticks.
  13. Trash bags – Leave No Trace. If it came with you, it leaves with you. If it did not come from the land, it does not remain on the land.
  14. Phone/Walkie Talkie – If you’re with a group, it’s good to remain in contact with the group
  15. Chargers and batteries for all your electronics – Cigarette Lighter Inverters are a wonderful thing!
  16. Venue Map – Besides knowing where to camp, park, art galleries, unique festival features, and where the stages are it’s more important to know where medical services, porta-potties, security desk, and water stations are.
  17. Performer Time Slots – Who is playing or performing, where, and when
  18. First Aid Kit, Benadryl / epipen / medical ID tags / In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact List, allergy list, bandages, band aids, tweezers, alcohol wipes, pain relievers, etc
  19. Condoms – You never know

This is not a list that is fixed, and set in stone and should be considered a starting point. What is appropriate for me can be very different for someone else. 

What Would you Pack in your festival Packing List?

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Fractalfest: Reflections Work Weekend

Fractaltribe Spends Independence Day Weekend in the Fractal Forest

2017-07-03, STEPHENTOWN, NYFractaltribe spent an extended holiday weekend on property to begin clean up, structure repair, and land preparation for Fractalfest 2017: Reflections. Members brought everything needed to sustain crew for the duration: food, water, generators, tools, hardware, tents and other supplies. The Woods Stage had seen a long year that included a brutal winter, and other events held on property once the weather improved, while the Main Stage was isolated from the rest of the property. Bridges on the property were repaired or reinforced for additional strength. It was not all drudgery and hard work, evening saw time to rest, relax, and reflect together. Fractaltribe was even able to have a small celebration of America’s Independence Day on the night of the 4th. 

All in all, the first three work weekends was a success, and set the momentum going forward for Fractalfest: Reflections, at the end of the month!

Photo Gallery From Fractaltribe’s First Work Weekend for Fractalfest 2017

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Fractaltribe, The Reliquarium, and Fractalfest

Fractaltribe And The Reliquarium Team Up For a Combined Fractalfest Art Project

LINCOLN, RHODE ISLANDFractaltribe and The Reliquarium teamed up to produce one of the most ambitious stage designs, to date, for Fractalfest Reflections. In this series of photos, Artemis from Fractaltribe and Ivy of The Reliquarium welded metal together to create the wire-frame of the new stage, codenamed: “Megan.”

The heat from welding torches is so hot that it shines into the UV spectrum. Without proper body protection, including sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the light will cause burns similar to sunburns on skin, and a painful injury to the eyes, similar to severe snow-blindness.

Photo Gallery of Fractaltribe’s Artemis and The Reliquarium’s Ivy Welding Metal For Fractalfest

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Fractaltribe Features S-Range at Scorp Glorp

Fractaltribe Unleashes S-Range At Secret Psytrance Event 

2017-04-29, SECRET FRACTILIAN LAIR, MASSACHUSETTSFractaltribe held a secret event featuring S-Range, innovative and experimental psytrance producer from Sweden, at an undisclosed artist space west of Boston as a fund raiser for Fractalfest: Reflections. Fractaltribe Presents: Scorp Glorp also served as to unveil Fractaltribe’s new stage for Fractalfest. An all night event, Scorp Glorp brought our community together in excitement, yet also played a role in remembering members of our community who remain with us in spirit.

The full photo album can be found on Facebook.

Photo Gallery From Fractaltribe Presents Scorp Glorp Featuring S-Range.

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Fabrication Day for Fractalfest Reflections

Fractaltribe Begins Fabricating for Fractalfest Reflections

2017-04-08, WORCESTER, MA

Preparations for Fractalfest: Reflections, Fractaltribe’s annual summer psytrance centered festival, became reality on April 8th at the Fractal Factory, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Months of conceptualizing, budgeting, stage and deco design, tool and workspace preparation, and scheduling came to a head on Day #1 at a fever pitch. 

As busy as it became, we still found time to have fun and catch up with each other at the Factory. We even played host to young Liam who had a blast hanging out with us and safely helping whenever he could!

Photo Gallery From Fractalfest Fabrication Day At The Fractal Factory

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Thank you, Echo Mecca!

Echo Mecca Interviewed by Gem City Podcast in Dayton, OH.

My good friends in Echo Mecca gave a shoutout to a certain photographer in Massachusetts they know of, somewhere around the 33:00 minute mark of this podcast from Dayton, Ohio’s Gem City PodcastStoryteller Series, #297. ;D

Links For Echo Mecca and Gem City Podcast

Echo Mecca:




Gem City Podcast:




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Sensual Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Session

I was asked by a friend to shoot some sensual photos of her, boudoir style, as a present for her boyfriend, back in 2012. I prefer on-location photography rather than using a studio because I like to work with what is present in an already familiar environment — it’s where clients feel the most comfortable. Sometimes, I am not always able to scout out the location, prior to a shoot so I am often times presented with multiple challenges immediately,

For this location, the challenges were that I had a very limited time window, a very small apartment / bedroom to shoot in, walls that were not a neutral color, and a very shy subject. Given the constraints, I opted to keep the shooting close and tight and used a black blanket for the backdrop on the bed. After arranging the Speedlites around the bed, and making sure I didn’t knock any over as I lay down for different angles, I made sure to keep talking with her and showing her some shots as we progressed to keep her involved in the shoot. Thankfully, as shy as she was, she took direction very well, and the occasional distraction of viewing photos as they were taken helped to keep her relaxed enough to let her natural sensuality come out.

Pro Photography Tip – It’s the worst thing in the world to just mechanically photograph while giving very little to no feedback to the model during the shoot. Have a conversation with your model, and keep the atmosphere lighthearted.

Overall, I am pleased with the results. Boudoir photography is completely focused on the model, and making her (or him!) feel comfortable in her own skin — it’s pampering the model and helping them to feel their most beautiful and then capturing those moments of beauty.

It’s a wonderful challenge!

Boudoir Photography Photo Gallery

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Portrait Photography Session With Angil

On-location Portrait Photography Session with Angil

I set up a mini studio for an on-location portrait photography session at Angil’s home in New Jersey: Two flashes, two umbrellas, and a black backdrop for a photoshoot with a part time model, dancer, artist, and an always full-time mommy. 

Somewhere, in the middle of shooting, her newborn baby got hungry. We agreed that there was no point in stopping and breaking the flow of shooting, so we continued with photography, and incorporated him into some portraits. 

Breast feeding is no big deal and shouldn’t ever be seen as a big deal.

Baby’s gotta eat, yo…

Photo Gallery of Angil’s Portrait Photography Session