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I came up with an apparel idea that I named “Cancel ALL Rapists,” because I have grown sick and tired of seeing social media posts flare up about known sexual predators within multiple New England underground scenes, then the inevitable dismissing attacks on people who come forward, the loud proclamations by heroes about so-and-so needs to get beat, deflections by defenders who proclaim “well, he never was a problem to me, so you must be making it up,” stories of multiple reports made to law enforcement that go nowhere, and then the inevitable dying down over the course of a couple of weeks until another incident starts the outrage all over again.

Wash, rinse, spin, repeat.

  • One alleged rapist is a Connecticut area DJ and tattoo artist, rumored to have connections and resources that help cover for him and keep him out of legal trouble. He has been banned by multiple venues across CT and New England but still finds ways to appear at events or other venues in New England and beyond.
  • A photographer had been operating in New England for years with multiple accusations that range from pressuring women into nudity during photo-shoots, drunkenly assaulting them sexually, coercing them with alcohol and peer pressure into sexual situations for photography, to allegedly releasing images for sale on various platforms often without consent or a release.
  • Another credibly accused rapist is a musician and tattoo artist with murals painted on buildings in the Central Massachusetts area. His rumored M.O. is to offer women intoxicating substances while offering to help bring them home safely at the end of the event. They’ve woken up to find him in bed with them and having little to no recollection of anything since leaving the venue.

There are other DJs, property owners, photographers, burners, organizations, and others all with accusations from multiple women against them or against members within event and festival crews that range from getting raped in their maker-spaces by other makers, waking up after a night of drinking to being raped while at a festival in New York State, venue security being too intoxicated to handle sexual assaults on a different festival’s property, unwanted groping while visiting friends’ homes, photographers having models contracts that contain clauses releasing the photographer from liability due to any “accidental” physical contact or sexual acts, numerous sexual assaults while dancing at Boston area venues, and rape while underage.

Many more women have not yet decided to come forward while others likely never will because are not ready, because they feel they won’t be believed by people around them or by law enforcement, or they worry about getting pushed into prematurely discussing their stories by men in power who are defensively predisposed to backing “their boys” first, and more.

Chances are, dear Reader, you personally know of several women in your immediate circle who have been raped or assaulted. If this is a surprise to hear, it may be because they have been quietly watching how you choose to respond to public allegations made by others.

Rape and Sexual Assault statistics are frightening.


My thoughts on Cancel ALL Rapists apparel originally centered around creating a design or two that stated “Cancel [DJ]” superimposed over screenshots of an alleged rapist’s own words to an alleged victim denying his intent to rape while simultaneously dismissing the impact it had on her. By superimposing “Cancel [DJ]” on-top of the screenshots, one could easily argue that the graphic does not reach the standard needed for file suit for defamation: “Cancel [DJ] is not a false statement, nor is it “bullying.” It simply happens to be perfectly plausible that a reasonable person could consider canceling [DJ], given the context of those words and the screen name who stated them.

It is also not as hilarious as this one.

If I had superimposed “Cancel All Rapists” over the same screenshot of his words, that could’ve opened things up to a more credible defamation accusation, since a reasonable person could conclude that [DJ] is a rapist by painting a currently unproven (therefore legally false) accusation of a crime. Also, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Thing is, though, [DJ] is not even his legal name, so would that even count?

Bottom line is, I chose “Cancel ALL Rapists” on a transparent background, as a starting point for this collection because of two reasons.

  1. Legally, it’s difficult to be accused of defamation of character when “Cancel ALL Rapists” is just an empty statement and
  2. the problem is far bigger than any [TATTOO ARTIST], [DJ], [PHOTOGRAPHER], [PROMOTER], or [EVENT CREW].


The intention behind the “Cancel ALL Rapists” apparel collection is simple. Order a shirt, hoodie, or tank top from the collection and wear it to any event or venue that continues to tolerate known sexual predators.

The text and graphics are large and intended to contrast strongly for maximum visibility in order to warn people that a rapist is present and their presence is either unknown, at best, or is being tolerated by the venue or promoters of the event you are attending. It is meant to make people feel uncomfortable.

The collection is a call to cancel ALL rapists, named or currently unnamed, of all sexual or gendered expressions or orientations by giving an outlet to the silently suffering voices of so many people, their allies, and their supporters.

I am also linking a set of transparent PNG versions of the text designs, some not yet incorporated onto apparel, as well as social media graphics via Dropbox as a downloadable ZIP file. I am hereby releasing the content contained within the Cancel ALL Rapists Zip archive into the public domain and waive all legal claim to title, ownership, and responsibility to the content contained within. You may do with them what you will.


By clicking “this Dropbox link” to download the Cancel ALL Rapists ZIP archive, you are agreeing to be bound by this website’s Terms and Conditions and you further agree that you must indemnify, hold harmless, and defend me from any and all claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses, including all legal fees, or any other expenses you may incur because of (i) any act or omission by me or anyone else known or unknown; (ii) your use of any content you accessed, downloaded, viewed, or were otherwise exposed or linked to or on or by or through this website or any other web-property controlled by me; or (iii) any derivative works you created directly using or inspired by that content in any way now or in the future, in perpetuity, forever and ever, until the end of time.

So there.

In other words, if you decide to create a graphic that incorporates the “Cancel ALL Rapists” text with a publicly accessible photograph of (i) a fictitious horse-dick sucking, poop-flinging porn star named “Al ‘L’eques’ Panda,” (ii) an imaginary lactated-milkshake guzzling, golden-shower obsessed, submissive, piss-boi optometrist named “Jaques Cromah Teek, OD,” or even (iii) a legendary incontinent, warm shit-filled diaper wearing, ex-Army, coke-dicked, peanut-butter-and-grape jelly smeared, bicycle-seat sniffing adult-baby named “Lee M Charleton,” and you got sued for defamation of character or copyright infringement, then you agree that full responsibility for your dumb life choices is absolutely yours to bear, alone.

  • Your dumb ass: “iT wUz My MiStAkE bUt AdRiAnz fAuLt…”

(You HAVE read my website’s full terms and conditions, right?)

Please help raise funds!

I will donate $10 for every item purchased below to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

Cancel ALL Rapists

Order a shirt, hoodie, or tank top from the collection and wear it to any event or venue where known predators are present.

This Event Supports Rapists

Has a promoter booked a known rapist or sexual predator for their event, been warned that they are supporting a known rapist, and then ignored, dismissed, or shouted down your concerns?

Stop Supporting Rapists

Demand that your safety, and the safety of others, must come before a sexual predator’s comfort.

Rape and Sexual Assault Survivor Resources

Even if you decide that the high-visibility of one of these shirt designs is not for you, please consider donating directly to one of the following charities:

  • RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
  • BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center)
  • JDI (Jane Doe Inc)



By Adrian

Adrian Feliciano is a Boston area portrait and event photographer, specializing in headshots, boudoir, nightlife, underground event, and fire-performer photography. He is graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, holds a B.A. in English, a US Army veteran, and makes a damned good Filipino adobo.

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