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Interview With Boston Voyager Magazine

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man breathing fire at an event in maine copyright diana lunorb artemismusic.art
Adrian Feliciano breathing fire at Fire In the Sky, Hartford, Maine. Photo by Diana Lunorb / Artemismusic.art and is used with permission.

Adrian Feliciano’s Interview with Boston Voyager Magazine

I was recently interviewed for an article by Boston Voyager, a hyperlocal online magazine that regularly features Boston’s best photographers, local artists, businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

To be honest, initially I was unsure if I would follow through on their interview request for a variety of reasons. Primarily, because I felt hugely ambivalent about it and, partially, because I didn’t really see the point of it all. There are so many great photographers in and around Boston, how could I even presume to fit amongst them?

After a couple of days sitting on it, though, I changed my mind. I saw that it was a chance I had to reflect in gratitude on the folks who helped me to get a start in photography, a nudge in the right direction, opportunities to experiment and learn as a photographer, and a platform to discover my voice, vision, and photography style.

So to everyone who has been a part of that process, from my early struggles as a newbie newspaper photographer in Western Massachusetts through to the continued growth and experience of today as a highly experienced fire, rave, portrait and festival photographer in and around the City of Boston, thank you.

Big thank you to Boston Voyager Magazine for the Interview!

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