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Boston Event Photography: EONEDM.NET

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Boston Event Photography: Eye on Electronic Dance Music

I always appreciate when an event promoter works with me about using my photography for their needs. A week or so ago, I was approached by Ryan Eisele of EONEDM.NET about licensing a photo of Mizeyesis that I took while she performed her birthday set at elements, a weekly drum-and-bass event held at The Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, MA., for a pandemic interview series. The website is a newly launched community resource, and is centered on an electronic dance music community calendar.

I thought it was important to make sure that the licensed photo had the best possible edit I could create, compared to the earlier edit, so I made sure that the final version remained true to the original photo while bringing out greater detail in the lighting and LED screen in the background, highlighting (har har!) Mizeyesis’ hair, and balancing a touch more warmth with subtle vibrancy to her skin tones. The final version I sent out is high-resolution and un-compromised by Facebook’s brutal compression.

(I still didn’t use Photoshop to do it. ?)

Thank you, Ryan! I am grateful and humbled by your reaching out and am glad we could work put together an agreement that helps to support all three parties involved.

Are you near Boston, MA and want an experienced nightlife photographer to document your next event?

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