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Mom Stories: Web Browsers

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So, my mom once worked at a level 1 PC tech-support call-center. During her training period, we were talking about what kind of typical tech support questions she should expect and prepare for, especially the really dumb ones from absolute computer newbies.

By the way, the most important detail here is that my mom, well, she’s even newer than that. Seriously, she has always been completely tech-clueless.

When she told me that she was applying to the tech-support call-center, I asked, “Why? Are you sure? You don’t even know what a web-browser is!”

Anyway, so during her training we were talking about your typical tech support calls and I told her that she “will probably get a lot of calls from really clueless people and you’d need them to open up a web-browser to show them where they can find the company’s knowledge-base and search for their question without needing to pick up a phone and call them wait on hold for ten minutes before —”

No lie, she looked me dead in the eye and interrupted, with absolute sincerity, “No, wait, slow down. What’s a browser???”

I tried to mumble, “Jesus Christ, it’s the fuckin’ blind leading the blind…” but, really, I just couldn’t. Believe me, I tried!

She glared at me for a moment because she definitely knew that I realized she heard me and suddenly I didn’t know what to do so I just froze and stared back at her.

We lasted about a minute, staring at each other in awkward silence, before we both burst out laughing. You know, the kind where, somehow, you still desperately try to have a conversation in the middle of a laugh-crying fit.

“My god, it really is gonna be like that!”

*both of us laughing*

“YES! Holy shit, it’s gonna be glorious!”

*more laughing*

To this day we still laugh about it, especially at family gatherings…

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4.5 2 votes
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