Cashiers and Kevin Smith’s “Clerks”




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New, non-photography category

I decided that I’m gonna add a new category for blog-posts that have nothing to do with photography and aren’t me just spouting off some random thoughts.

Years ago, I kept a Livejournal where it was, literally, just a day-to-day space where I wrote about whatever and whenever I felt like. That’s what this new “Non-Photography” category is intended to be used for.

What happened earlier

So, today, while taking care of some errands, I got into a conversation with a cashier like I always seem to do.

Not only was she as misanthropic as I can be, it turns out that she loves snowy days only because, in her words, “the next day there’s hardly anyone on the road, it’s great!”

That’s all shit I’ve said, word for word, many times! Yeah, I smiled.

Then she said something about capitalism’s got her working today, “which sucks because [and I shit you not! – Adrian] I’m not even supposed to be here today! It’s my day off!”

I point blank told her she needs to watch “Clerks,” because that’s the line! Dude behind me piped up, “Yeah, watch it! it’s a damned classic film now!”

After asking who it was by (“Kevin Smith’s debut film”) and when it came out (“back in the early-mid 90s!”) she asked “Ah, so you’re Millennial?”

“Naw, GenX. If you watch “Clerks,” you’ll understand why so many of us hate people…”

“Same! Oh my god. I can’t stand people, too! I’m gonna watch it tonight as soon as I find it!”

Dude gets up to her in line, as I finished, “Fuck, now I wanna watch it again, too!”

Today wasn’t so bad.




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