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Headshots and Portraits with Liz and Shayna

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On-location Portrait Photography with Speedlights

The other day I got together with Liz and Shayna for a headshot and street portrait photography session about 50 miles south of Boston, MA, exploring the area around Providence, Rhode Island, with the intention of getting out from pandemic isolation and helping each other to have fun with good friends while driving around some shady areas of Providence in a creeper van. It’s been quite a while since our last photoshoot together, and none of us was happy about it.

This won’t be a particularly long blog-post about what went on behind-the-scenes while photographing models, or chin-stroking over which photography settings are best for on-location speedlight headshots, or even obsessing over my favorite in-camera and lighting techniques to achieve a certain look while shooting street portraits.

I just wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Liz Arruda of Apogee Flow Toys and Shayna Rose over on Instagram as @nyxivy for their time, patience, creativity, and the energy they brought to our photoshoot this past weekend. I’ve been struggling with isolation because of people’s pandemic irresponsibility and to be around other folks who take it as seriously as I do, and wanted to find a way to hang out while making art happen has helped to cheer me up somewhat, and given me enough of the happy brain-chemicals that I don’t feel so isolated at the moment today.

So, to my friends, supporters, family, readers, and fans, thank you! This photographer is always grateful, and lucky, for your willingness to share space and time in my weird little corner of the void.

Remember: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, when indoors wear a mask, and get vaccinated as soon as you’re able. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Headshots with a single speedlight and black background

Outdoor headshots with direct on-camera flash

Outdoor natural light headshots

Street portraits with two speedlights

Street portraits with a single off camera speedlight

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Liz Arruda – Apogee Flow Toys

Shayna Rose – @nyxivy

Liz Arruda’s Leggings:

Pattern copyright © Kevin Psychedelik

Buy them here (direct link).

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