light-mapped mask stage lit up at night at fractalfest 2017 designed and built by fractaltribe and the reliquarium

Arrival at Fractalfest: Reflections

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Fractaltribe’s Adrian and Artemis Arrive for Fractalfest

1409HRS, STEPHENTOWN, NY – I arrived at Fractalfest from Boston last night with Artemis around 11pm after a long drive that took us through Northampton, MA. We needed to stop for a food break and to pick up lat minute supplies for our adopted Porta-Potty. Artemis will be prepping for her two DJ sets: a dark psytrance set, and dark Nordic ambient chill set — I am really excited to hear the dark ambient chill set, at full power as it reminded me of orcs discovering psychedelic electronic music.

From RT 143 we could already see the blue lights of the Puffer Dome/Chill Area on the main field. We topped Nightshade off with gas, and pulled onto property to set our space up.

Once we finished, we started wandering around to see what we could see: first through staff camping, and the artist area, until we reached the main stage where the video mapping display was getting calibrated for use on “Operation: Megan,” the combined project between Fractaltribe and The Reliquarium.

Jaw dropping cannot begin to describe how “Operation: Megan” looked, even in the testing phase! We could see Topher dangling about 25-35 feet above the ground directing others around the stage, while disco balls flashed, and digital facets lit up.

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