Filipinos and Gatekeeping

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Today, I went out to run an errand and encountered a somewhat older Filipino dude at customer service.

Er, serbice.

I asked where I could find a thing and he pointed out where I could look for it and, because I recognized the accent, I asked if he was Filipino.

“Oh, yes! Why?..”

“My family is Filipino, I thought I recognized the accent and was just curious.”

“Oh yeah? Growing up, wat was your pavorite pood dats not adobo?..”

“I love sinigang but I can’t do balut. Ever.”

“Yeah? Me too!”

Then we did that thing you do when fellow countrymen culturally recognize each other.

*finger guns* “Ehhh? Ehh!”

“Ehh! Ayyyyyyy!” *finger guns back*

Of course, after a round of finger-guns, shaking hands, and some friendly back-and-shoulder slapping, I went to go retrieve the thing and then left like 5 minutes later.

Yeah, I got gatekept by a Filipino over my Filipino-ness at a hardware store and I’m still laughing about it.

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4.5 2 votes
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Self-explanatory, isn't it?..

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