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Thoughts on Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is out, and has ended his presidential campaign today.

I know a lot of you are disappointed. Some will go so far as to either not vote or vote 3rd party rather than cast a vote for Biden.

That’s perfectly valid. Vote as you will in the national elections, but remember that some states, no matter what, will fall red and some will fall blue barring an absolute shocking turn of events.

Here’s something to think about:

It will be more important, and much more productive, to channel that anger and frustration into the so-called battleground states, because that is where the election will realistically be decided.

Of even more importance will be to vote for the Democratic Senate, House, and Governorship candidates. If you are a staunch “vote blue no matter who” kinda person this post isn’t specifically directed at you, but should still be something to keep in mind. On the other hand, if you are a “Fuck Biden,” Progressive, then remember that the key would be to flip the Senate while keeping the House anyway, regardless of whomever becomes the next puppet in the White House.

Would you prefer that Biden wins while we end up with a Congress that retains the GOP and Mitch as the Senate Majority Leader or the Senate retains majority and the House flips, or would you prefer that Trump wins again but this time with a fully Democratic majority in the Congress, and with no Sycophant Party protection?

It shouldn’t have to be this way, and in different times, we wouldn’t have this degree of insane and toxic two-party-system partisanship, but here we are.

The choices moving forward are simple and have always been the same with or without Bernie, and with or without Biden: (i) vote and get rid of Trump in November, or (ii) vote and have that moron rendered politically impotent at worst and in far more legal effective jeopardy than he has ever faced, at best.

What, you don’t think that a fully Democratic Congress won’t immediately act to remove him from office anyway?


The most important factor in this year’s election for President of the United States of America is getting rid of that fucking moron.

Fuck Trump.

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