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Afghanistan, Veterans, and OEF

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To my Sisters and Brothers in Arms:

I never saw combat, but we are still family. No matter where you fall politically, remember that we served for reasons that are entirely our own.

Civilians and politicians will say that you fought for the military industrial complex, for American imperialism, for oil, for poppy seeds, for freedom, to “make the world safe for democracy,” for God, the Flag, mom, and apple pie, for duty, honor, or country.


In the end, you fought for each other.

Civilians will never understand why we served or why you fought; however, our misanthropic family of misfits will.

If you’re having a difficult time with how quickly events in Afghanistan have unfolded, and the manner in which they unfolded, please consider reaching out to your dysfunctional family, your battle buddies, or to The Veterans Crisis Line.

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Your mission in Afghanistan has ended. Your newest and most important mission is to heal, live, drive on, and, if you choose, to tell your story to the next generation of Americans.

I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.

The Warrior Ethos

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