woman in white dress tying hands of woman in white dress with purple rope photography and interview session greenfield massachusetts copyright adrian feliciano
From an Interview with Amber and Amanda
outdoor headshot portrait of adrian feliciano, a man with salt and pepper stubble making direct eye contact with the viewer wearing an olive green headscarf and dark t-shirt adrianfeliciano.com

Hi there.

My name is Adrian Feliciano.

I am a portrait and nightlife event photographer based around Boston, Massachusetts. I’m here to help you to create some amazing memories!

You may have seen me at events around Boston.

Photography Experience

I have been photographing people and events around New England for over a decade, starting with the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, MA to covering local nightclubs and festivals for my clients, friends, and our mutual networks.

For example…

Photography Specialties

I specialize in on-location portrait and boudoir photography, documenting events for Boston’s thriving nightlife scene, and fire performer photography. Massachusetts is home, but for the right people, I can venture outside of New England.

Speaking of fire…

“Pictures speak to something inside of all of us. Logic does not move people. Emotions do.”

Adrian Feliciano

Thank you for your kind words!

woman performing with fire hoop in front of a stage at fractalfest in stephentown, ny copyright adrian feliciano adrianfeliciano.com

“My biggest fear was never hearing from Adrian again! Adrian took the time to reach out to me, discuss the photos he took with me, listen to my feedback, tag me in all of his social media posts, and nurture a positive photographer/model relationship […] Adrian is always friendly and respectful towards his models. I would trust him to do an amazing job shooting photos of anyone!”

Nikki, Performer, Firefly Caravan

“Working with Adrian has been one of the most positive experiences in my hooping career. Every step of the way I was in a space that was supportive and full of laughter. Adrian makes you feel like an old friend he’s catching up with and that is truly how he won me over. And to top it off, his photography is phenomenal! I can guarantee that I will be working with him in the future.”

Alexandra, Hooper and Flow Artist
fashion photo of man wearing sunglasses and black t-shirt with words "misanthrope (i hate you)" on the front adrianfeliciano.com

“I’ve heard horror stories of how some ‘photographers’ do not get consent from their models, or have been disrespectful in how they treat their clients. Adrian is responsible, fun, and young at heart. He puts his customers and clients first and treats them with the utmost respect. I honestly can see myself working with him again.”

Nick, Bear Honey

Adrian Feliciano has a keen eye for great shots and is always able to make me feel at ease […] I’ve had a few great sessions with a great friend and the outcome has been some of the most amazing pictures!

J.C., anonymous model

Ready to schedule some time together?

If you’re looking for a beautiful portrait to freshen up any of your social media accounts and portfolios, want to empower yourself with an intimate boudoir photography session, have an event you want documented quickly and professionally, or if you want to learn some fire performer photography techniques one-on-one, then please contact me so we can chat about it.