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Headshots. Portraits. Events.

I am a Boston, Massachusetts portrait, headshot, boudoir, and nightlife event photographer.

I specialize in photographing fire-performers, dancers, and other creatives on-location.

Why should you hire me as your next photographer?

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I am experienced

I have been photographing people and events for over a decade by documenting local nightclubs, parties, raves, festivals, and heavy metal concerts around Boston and beyond for my clients, friends, and our mutual networks. It’s definitely been a fun journey!

I am specialised

I specialize in on-location portrait and headshot photography, documenting the thriving nightlife event scene around Boston, MA, and photographing fire performers. I am also available for boudoir photography sessions. While Massachusetts is my home, I can be convinced to venture outside of New England for the right photography project.

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I am unmistakable

My portfolio contains the very best of my headshot, portrait, boudoir, and nightlife event photography, taken from around Boston, Massachusetts and highlights my signature style: strong contrast, vivid color, and genuine expressions.

One reason to hire me as your next photographer

“I get the usual anxiety whenever I’m working with a new photographer but Adrian is so easy to work with and talk to that I had no issues […] Adrian is so professional and he always delivers great quality photos!”

Shayna – Dancer, Model, and Costume Designer

Here are a few more reasons to consider me as your next photographer.

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Imperfect Thoughts: The Blog

My blog is mostly about portrait, event, boudoir, headshot, and fire-performer photography.

I don’t like to limit myself to just those topics because I have a lot to say.

Learn how to photograph fire performers

Photographing fire performers and other flow-artists is a specialty of mine!

I’ve put together a growing collection of my best tips and tricks so you can improve your photography of fire performers and other flow artists.

Let’s take the next step

Schedule a photo shoot with me near Boston, Massachusetts.

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